The self Explorer

Getting to know me better & seeing the world in colors

Introducing myself

Hello guys, I’m a 24 year old girl with a passion for psychology, who once lived in a world of black and white, and that’s why i’d like to show you all the colors that this world has to offer.

My journey

Throughout my tough journey I’ve questioned everything around me and most of the time I felt lonely.

which drove me to share with you guys beneficial content & information in addition to sharing my thoughts, my experiences and what i’ve learned for the most part.

My goal

My goal is to let every single one of you know that you’re not alone, that you are deserving of love and that you’re surrounded by people who feel the same way as you do or at least once did.

And that is through providing you with a variety of beneficial content related to mental illness and inner struggles that most of us suffer from throughout our lives.

My Art work

I believe that Art is a great form of therapy, and for me it’s abstract art that enables me to express myself besides writing.