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Why showing your emotions is forbidden

As a child I was taught that emotions are weakness, that crying is forbidden, that I was destined to be strong and that there’s no room for such a thing as emotional expression in my parent’s house. I was raised by a strong independent woman, she was my role model and I idealized her for…

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Effective ways to improve your mood today

As a person who suffers from extreme mood swings, finding effective ways to improve my mood has been occupying a lot of my time lately. In this post I’m going to share with you guys useful tips that you can start following today to lift your mood. Take a walk Start your day off by…

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The true nature of motivation

Many people believe that motivation comes from within and others believe it’s the other way around. But in which perspective lies the truth? If you want to know then you should answer the following questions first. Can a talented person who can’t motivate himself make use of his talent and be productive for his whole…

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The healing power of Art – Art therapy

Art has always been my savior when it comes to improving my mental health, and i believe it has been for so many others who struggle with mental illness. I really put my heart into this post! As it discusses mental illness, how Abstract art and painting in specific has helped me through out my…

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How to conquer anxiety – Curing Anxiety

Anxiety is a true monster that deprives you of happiness, strips you of your confidence and diminishes your chances of true success in life. When you’re anxious you fail to see your great potentials, you’re too scared to show your true self to others and you worry too much about the future. I can go…

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