Be creative in all your mental states – Creativity booster

I’m not going to talk about improving your techniques in your creative field, but i’d rather talk about learning how to be more creative in whatever mental state you’re in.

Believe it or not, sadness or even depression can help you become more creative, you don’t have to be in a good mood to work on what you love whether it’s art, writing or any other creative field.

It’s just about learning how to cope with your mental state and having enough knowledge on how to make the best out of it.

Human beings have a large spectrum of mental states but they all revolves around those main three states.

They are the baseline, elevated mood and depressed mood, you can think of it as a graph where your mood can lie anywhere in between. (below the baseline or above the baseline)

We’ll talk about those main three mental states, the obstacles you might face while in each one of them, and how to deal with each obstacle.

Elevated mode

In the elevated mode you have no problem with being creative but you surely have a problem in organizing your ideas and making the best use out of them.

Don’t rush! take it slow! and save some for later.

Always keep a piece of paper or a note book to write down your passions, your incredible ideas and your goals.


When in the baseline you feel things within the normal range whether good or bad.

In this mental state you might lack inspiration in your creative field, because there are no internal or external triggers for new ideas.

That’s why you should look for your inspiration in anything or anyone around you, connect with people more, know their stories, try to get yourself to feel something.

Check the notes you have written down while in an elevated mode, they will help you get motivated and will help you brain storm new ideas besides the ones that already exist in your notes.

Depressed mode

To be able to work in your creative field while depressed, you have to learn how to express your emotions in your dark times.

Getting out of bed will be hard, but getting out of there for a certain porpose might make it easier.

You’re not doing something you hate do you? you’re doing what you love doing and you’re here to turn those negative emotions into something fruitful that you’ll surely appreciate doing later.

Let your feelings surface in your creative work! people will love it and you will too!

Psychologically speaking everyone has their dark times, that’s why they will most definitely relate to your work as they will relate to your mental state, and it will move them for sure.

Who knows, maybe the feedback you’ll get will improve your mental state.

Feel free to contact me, and i’d be more than happy to get back in touch.