The true nature of motivation

Many people believe that motivation comes from within and others believe it’s the other way around.

But in which perspective lies the truth?

If you want to know then you should answer the following questions first.

Can a talented person who can’t motivate himself make use of his talent and be productive for his whole life based on the motivation he gets from others?

On the other hand, can a self motivated person continue working on his talents if he never gets motivation from anyone?

From my own perspective, both are equally important and speaking long term not one of them can be useful without the other.

No one is always motivated and no one will get motivated all the time, but if both exist it’s the formula for success (besides so many other factors)

That’s why, no matter how self motivated you are, you’ll need approval from others to a certain extent and that’s the nature of us humans.

Personally I’m easily demotivated and i lose interest fast!

And that’s why i always focus on motivating myself when there’s no one to motivate me to continue, but at the same time when i fail to motivate myself i’d call someone to give me that extra push to continue doing my thing.

What i’m trying to say is that it’s okay to seek motivation from your loved ones or your therapist, as long as it’s going to keep you going!

Do whatever it takes for you to get the motivation you need! Whether it’s though motivating yourself or through the motivation of others.

That’s all i have to say in this post, and i hope you guys like it.