The healing power of Art – Art therapy

Art has always been my savior when it comes to improving my mental health, and i believe it has been for so many others who struggle with mental illness.

I really put my heart into this post!

As it discusses mental illness, how Abstract art and painting in specific has helped me through out my tough journey with Bipolar disorder and Borderline personality disorder.

Relation between Art and mental illness

Most people who suffer from mental illness, especially bipolar disorder and bpd have very extreme emotional swings which might lead them to use drugs, alcohol or resort to self destructive behaviors as a sort of temporary relief.

It takes us a lot of time to realize that self destructive behavior can be replaced with healthy activities that might lead us to finding our true passion.

For me, it was art before I could even write a word!

Art was the only way I could express my emotions and how I truly feel.

Did I have to study art?

Not at all, I just bought acrylics and painting brushes and poured all my positive and negative energy into my art!

Art has an incredible healing power!

After finishing your art piece you will feel so many things towards it whether it’s love hate or mixed emotions.

You’ll release so much energy and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Also, you can monitor your mental state through your art, because every color you chose is not a coincidence, it has a deep meaning to it, and the whole painting has a different meaning within it self.

I won’t lie I’ve learned all this with the help of a professional, and I’ve also learned that it’s never about therapy itself, it’s always about what we learn from it.

And I’ve learned a lot of techniques and explored new ways of dealing with my emotions and releasing my energy the right way, and you can too!

Change is required

If you want to heal then you need to change your behavioral patterns!

If you want to heal then a change is required! you are your own savior, and your art can heal you! whatever form of art it is.

There’s no such thing as bad art! it’s only a matter of perspective and as long as it makes you feel better then do it!

My Art work

Feel free to contact me whenever you feel like it, I’ll be here to help you throughout your journey.