How to boost your self confidence once and for all

If you’re struggling with self confidence, obviously you’re not alone.

First you should know for a fact that no one is 100% confident, so it’s never about being confident or not, it’s about how confident you are.

And in this post I’ll be giving you tips to help you succeed on your journey to self confidence.

Get to know yourself better

The first step on your journey to self confidence will always be about knowing yourself more, focusing on self discovery and self knowledge.

Most importantly acknowledging your strengths and flaws, because we all have both, that’s part of being human and part of being real.

You don’t wanna be fake, do you?

Be yourself and don’t be scared of it! people only see the reflection of the way you view yourself.

And I guarantee you that the moment you become completely yourself will be a moment of great relief.

Don’t be shallow

To boost your self confidence, you have to stop focusing on your appearance and doubting how beautiful you are all the time.

The more you grow as a person the more you’ll know how external beauty is overrated and how people are more than just what they appear to be.

Also, stop thinking about what others might think! overthinking what others might think about your appearance or your personality can be toxic and damaging to your self esteem.

That’s why you should stay away from shallow and judgmental people and know for a fact that these people are also struggling even if they don’t appear to be, they’re just not the right people to be around when building your self confidence.

Surround yourself by accepting and positive people who’ll always support you and help you during your journey to self love.

Be kind to yourself

Now that we’ve talked about judgmental people and how toxic they are, you shouldn’t be one yourself.

It’s unfair to judge yourself and accept others! don’t be too harsh on yourself because you deserve better.

Even if you can’t see it yet, I can assure you that you will one day.

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated, with love and care.

Focus on your strengths

To boost your self confidence, you should focus more on your strengths instead of your flaws.

Also, never compare yourself to others because you are unique, you have specific traits that differentiate you from others and make you beautiful.

Nobody’s perfect no matter how much they try to be from the outside, so just focus on yourself and forget about others.

Accept yourself

To boost your self confidence you need support, So why not be your own support system and be your own best friend.

Acceptance is always the key!
That’s why you need to accept yourself and that includes your flaws.

Don’t get me wrong, accepting your flaws doesn’t mean not trying to change them if you can.

You should work on improving yourself when you can, but without changing who you really are.

Not all flaws are changeable, some flaws make you beautiful, some others need work and you’re the only one that can determine what to change about yourself and what makes you more comfortable with yourself.

If you’re gonna work on improving yourself do it for yourself not for others.

Do your best to become the best version of you from the inside before the outside and give yourself some love, always.