How to get rid of boredom| stop getting bored

2020 succeeded in getting us extra bored, and some think there’s nothing they can do about it.

But the truth is there’s a lot you can do when staying home, and by a lot I mean a lot of healthy activities.

So, today we’re obviously discussing healthy and fun activities you can do to get rid of boredom.

why are you feeling bored?

Besides the obvious reasons, maybe you’re bored because you haven’t adopted to change yet or you have just accepted that you’ll always be bored until things go back to normal.

But the feaster you adapt the less bored you’ll become, so stop being passive and do something about it.

we’re here to change that and we’ll let you know how to occupy your time with so many healthy stuff.

Discover yourself

Now that you’ve got enough time for it, get to know yourself better underneath the surface.

We’re sometimes too busy to actually take care of ourselves the right way, and I’m not talking about skin care routines or sticking to a healthy diet.

I’m talking about the real you, that part of you that you’ve been ignoring for so long that you’ve probably forgot about.

you should ask yourself if you even know what you like doing when you’re all alone or the reason why you enjoy the company of a certain person and why you feel comfortable while being around them.

Self discovery is a really broad topic, so you should check out the self discovery tips if you wanna get to know yourself better.

Know your interests

woman with thought bubble on chalk board

A huge part of knowing yourself is about knowing your interests, so other than hanging out with your friends, what else do you like?

It might take time for you to know the answer, but once you do you’ll succeed in turning your interests into useful activities.

What might help you know your interests more is asking yourself the following questions:

In your normal daily life what actually interests you or what do usually love doing?

when at your job or school what tasks do you prefer doing?

When you’re on instagram what posts do you usually like and which instagram accounts do you actually follow?

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? (you don’t have to be realistic, just dream big.)

Get creative

Create, create and create!

Creativity is magic! and I can assure you that each and every single one of you is creative in their own way.

Work hard on finding that creative side of yourself, whatever it is.

I’m one of the people who believe that if you let yourself go, you can create great things in life.

So start now, when you have plenty of time to think and become creative.

Be productive

If you know what you love and how to be creative then do something about it now!

Spread your art everywhere and don’t be afraid of doing so, you will become an inspiration to yourself and others for sure.

For example, if you love painting use it as a form of therapy, create an instagram page and share your art, learn more from other artists online and work on developing your talent, because there’s always gonna be something better.

And once you do so, one thing will lead to the other, and one talent might make you discover even more talents.

Engage with people

Don’t cut off your friends and family, lucky for us there are many forms of communication in 2020.

you can engage with people through a phone call, a video call or even texts if you can’t see them in real life.

Share your thoughts and interests with those you love and get the support you need to keep going and growing.

Don’t let boredom get the best of you

Don’t let boredom make you do things you know you’re gonna regret doing later, and don’t sit there doing nothing and waiting for the world to change either.

This is your own life, so don’t waist it doing nothing, because the harsh truth is that nothing is gonna be easy and things will never go your way.

So you have to accept it, start doing your thing and know for a fact that it’s never too late to start now.